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Camp Quilter Kits

About Denise

Mark and Denise began Workamping (living full-time in their RV and traveling around the country from job to job) in 2012.  They made it their goal to spend at least one night in every state in the country.  Since then, the only state they haven't slept in is Hawaii, and that's hard to get to by RV!  In 2017, they bought a home in Door County, WI, but they still spend half the year in their RV as snowbirds.

Denise has been a quilter for over 30 years and has learned a few things about trying to quilt in an RV... It's not easy!  Sometimes it's difficult for quilters to get to a fabric store if we are in a remote location or if we are going through town in an RV and can't find a place to park and get out.  There's not a lot of room to spread out our sewing projects, and if we're sewing on the dinette, we have to clear it off for meals.  If we want to make something decorative for the RV, there's very little wall space.  Denise, at least, would like to be able to attend quilt groups and guilds, and there have been a few locations in the country where she's been able to do so, but most of the time she's found herself alone with no one to join in creativity, no one to spur her on, no one to inspire her.  She misses the companionship of a quilting bee!

As she was preparing to return home to Door County for the summer of 2020, Denise discovered that her usual summer jobs were not going to be available due to COVID-19.  That's when she decided to make her retirement plans happen a little early.  She wanted to start a quilt store, but since she's not in one location year-round, it had to be an online store.  As she thought about what her niche would be, it was obvious that she was in the unique position of understanding what it's like to be a quilter on the road.  Thus was born Camp Quilter Kits LLC.